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How we work

DMC has been working with NHS for more than 50 years to deliver quality care services in regions across the country.
During this time we have earned our reputation for mobilising quickly, working closely with stakeholders and delivering reliable care services to budget.
Currently we are partnered with more than 20 CCGs.

We believe trust is the key component in our successful partnerships.
We understand the best way to build and maintain trust with commissioning groups is working collaboratively and keeping clear lines of communication.
DMC is committed to enabling our partners realise our shared vision of smarter, digitised care pathways.

 We are always looking for talented, passionate health professionals who share our mission to deliver healthier outcomes.

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How can we help you?

One of the difficulties for small GP practices today is handling time consuming operations work whilst also trying to deliver excellent care for patients. Working with DMC enables GPs to concentrate on delivering a personalised local care service whilst inheriting the resources and operational expertise of a larger organisation.

DMC has its roots in Primary Care, and we are determined to play a part in forging its future. Our vision for the modern surgery is a clean, smart looking premises – one that is both welcoming and assuring for patients. Services should be digitised where possible and integrated with other local care functions to provide patients with the most holistic, convenient care experience possible.

DMC now operates more than a dozen practices in London and the South East. We have been able to take over struggling and challenged premises, turning services around and securing improved CQC ratings. We have also extended our services, such as Radiology Reporting, Dermatology, Endoscopy and MSK.

How we can help you manage your GP or CCG healthcare requirements?

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