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DMC 4th National Dermatology conference

The conference aims to bring together DMC dermatologists, nurses, HCAs and stakeholders to exchange and share our recent news, projects, experiences and research results about all aspects of dermatology. It plays a vital part in ensuring we are all aligned in our high standards of service delivery and quality for patients.

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A mark of DMC services is our ability to adhere to the same standard of care across our services. We implement tried and trusted procedures within each service, and they are upheld by robust governance and staff training. In this way our standards are maintained and improved.

Staff are trained in procedures which are designed specifically to improve care pathways and ensure we can carry out our service in the most effective manner possible. Our services are always consultant led, and our clinicians’ emphasise on trust and respect between them and their patients, as well as handling patient data with great caution. This delivery standard has been a part of DMC since our beginnings as a single GP surgery in Dulwich.