• Single point of Access

    Developing a single point access centre will enhance the patient journey by providing a central communication base. Patients will be digitally triaged so we can direct them through to the right person or service for their care, reducing pressures at a local level.
  • Telederm

    DMC Telederm is our bespoke app where patients have high quality images of their skin conditions uploaded by their GP and sent directly to a specialist consultant for review. No appointment. No long waiting times.
  • DOME

    Ensuring we run fresh, modern forward-thinking clinics where we can all deliver with excellence. The DOME System is our replicable, scaleable system for on-boarding new locations.

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Digital Transformation

The NHS long term plan to save up to 500,000 lives includes a drive to use new technology to help treat and prevent conditions. Patients will be able to access health care at the touch of the button through the a “digital front door” to the NHS. Evening Standard.

Single Point of Access
DMC single point access centre transforms the way we communicate with our patients. From 2019 patients will be able to use video conferencing technology to assist communication with and between their clinicians, GPs but physiotherapists, practice nurses, pharmacists, mental health workers and physician associates. We support the Commission’s vision of teams of healthcare professionals meeting the needs of patients much earlier in their journey through the NHS. This would allow GPs to concentrate on those aspects of care that only they can provide.

Delivering the NHS 10-year plan
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